" Your friendly professional manner, promptness and overall effectiveness allows me to unreservedly recommend your services to anyone who has a possum problem. Thanks again. ."

" I would like to thank you for your ongoing very helpful advice and am glad to tell you its done the trick!

You were kind enough not to charge us which is greatly appreciated and we will gladly pass on your details to as many people as possible, thanks again. ."

"You have shown great passion & professionalism in your work. Many Thanks."

"Thank you for your prompt and very efficient service. A pleasure to do business with you. Cheers & Thanks."

"You're amazing!
I really appreciate your proficiency & expertise.
Thank you so much.

"Dear Paul,
My family and I want to thank you very much. It has been several years and no one else in the past could do anything about it.
Thank you for everything. We still cannot believe that the possum is really gone.
All the best!!

"Thank you so much for your tireless efforts, it was enormously appreciated."

"Dear Paul, it is with great pleasure I pay your account. For removing the possum and allowing us the peace and security, my sincerest thanks. Your a good man and great at what you do. Kind regards."

"Hello Paul,
Your excellent information, prompt visit and willingness to give advice without charging was fantastic and a very refreshing surprise. I was most appreciative of your help and I would highly recommend you to anyone. We would like to say a big big Thank you!
Best wishes to you.

"Paul, It's been bliss since you got the bugger finally out. Have managed to sleep without ear plugs for over a month now. You were easy to deal with and it was such a relief to know that we could count on you in our time of need."

"Dear Paul,
Thankyou for your prompt and professional service! The possum eviction from our roof has worked first time! The very next morning my husband was stared down by a huge brush-tail as he walked down the side of the house on his way to work but we've heard no scuffling in the roof cavity or walls.. We are so grateful to you and intend on recommending you to anyone who will listen to us!!

"Dear Paul,
Thankyou "Sherlock" for your stoicism and terrific service.

"We are now sleeping peacefully. Thank you for your service."

"Thank you Paul. We are really pleased with the progress."

"Hi Paul,
Thank you for answering my calls so quickly and coming around to check out the possum situation.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to everyone. Your nice friendly attitude is a welcome relief, not to mention all your generous knowledge.
Thanks again

"Thanks mate, Possum has left the building.
We can now introduce our overseas guests to the joys of Australia.
'Football, Meat pies, Kangaroos and Possum poo.'

"Hi Paul,
Oh my God, I thought I was a Gonna.

"The possums were gone, nice and easy, without stress or harm. Thanks again and I'm telling everyone I know how fantastic you are."

"Thanks for your time and patience with our possum eviction. (Hope you enjoy all those honey, peanut butter, oats).

"Thanks for the Possum eviction, he hasn't come back into the roof since. However the bastard now gets in through open windows at night. Just last night I caught him in my bedroom, so now I'm putting up fly wire screens to stop him.
Take Care.

"Thanks for an excellent job getting rid of the possums for us. We can't believe how peaceful life is now. I don't know why we put up with it for so long! Not only have they gone from the walls, but in addition we don't have then walking over the roof. We are very grateful to you and would recommend you highly to anyone. Best Wishes! Thanks a million !!"

"Dear Paul,
The job you did has been a very successful one. Just a note to thank you for your service in solving our possum problem. We appreciated your persistence.

"Thanks for your prompt, efficient service and I shall not hesitate to refer your services to anyone needing to remove possums."

"We wish you a relaxing nd happy festive season. Many thanks for your prompt attention to our possum problem."

"Thanks again Paul.
Well done !!! We really do miss the little devils.
Thanks very much.

"Thank you for taking care with such efficiency and cheerful attitude.
I'm sure the possum will not dare return! I will certainly call you when the need arises.

"Thanking you for your time and effort we wish you a very happy Christmas and a great New Year."

"Thank you. We were very pleased with your service."

"Will recommend your service to others. Thanks for a great service."

"Thanks again for your prompt and courteous response. A job well done."

"Thanks for everything. Hope you have a great week!!!"

"Thank you for your friendly, prompt, professional service."

"Hello Paul, we are taken with your honesty and integrity when you could have easily charged us for a full job. With thanks, as a token of our appreciation for your efforts, we will definitely recommend you to others!"

"Many thanks for being so thorough."

"Dear Paul,
Thanks for a terrific job again!

"How do you do it?"

"Thanks you Paul for a fantastic eviction."

"Great job, Thanks!"

"Dear Paul, Thanks so much for your prompt attention & effective solutions to our possum problem. It's nice to know they have been dealt with in a very humane way."

"Dear Paul, Thanks for the good work. For the first week they were quite angry with lots of banging & crashing as they tried to return "home" but all is peaceful now. Thanks"

"Hi Paul, Thanks for the excellent service coming so often to check that they are gone."

"Dear Paul, Thank you very much for the friendly & possum respecting service. Have a fresh juice on me, thanks."

"Hi Paul, brilliant service. Thanks so much!"

"Possums would appear to have disappeared from the roof. Haven't seen so much of them around either, so that's good!"

"Hi Paul, just a note to say thank you for returning peace, quiet & serenity to our house. Thank you!!!"

"Thank you and God bless you."

"Hi Paul,
Friends laughed at me for paying you money for removing possums.....but as a farmer I know dealing with nature isn't that simple.

Sir, Is prefer if 'Paul The Possum Man' shot' em, skun' em and stewed' em.