Rats or Possums?
Rats may be loud & active throughout the night (or day) often scratching erratically.
Possums sound like a baby elephant walking on the ceiling ( rats don't walk, they scamper across the ceiling, or maybe heard at one point & then another further away as they travel inaudibly along roof trusses & ceiling joists). Every night possums leave the roof to access their feeding trees & patrol their territory (unless its a stormy night, they'll stay in for a while) returning prior to sunrise.

Do I need to be home?

How do they find secret roof entry points?
Often they rely on Indian Myna birds who evacuate their nest at night when encroached upon by a nearby possum, thereby disclosing the secret entry point to a grateful possum.

Why do they nest in the wall cavities of my bedroom?
Wall cavities are the best replica of a tree hollow a house can offer & bedrooms are quiet by day.

Do they chew electrical wires?
If cabling acts as an obstruction to their passage within a wall cavity they may chew it out of the way.

Do they cause serious damage in roofs?
If they are left there for generations over time nothing improves.

How long does it take?
Quick. They all usually leave through my one-way exit on the first night. A subordinate may stay in and leave the following night. My Possum Eviction System enables me to know if they have a sneaky re-entry point.

Do you work with all roof types?
Yes, providing access is not limited.

Why is it illegal to relocate possums?
Relocated possums become dead possums. In unfamiliar territory the local established possums chase it away. As the possum is unaware of the geography of the area it often hightails it at ground level only to be taken by dogs, cars, or by the stress of it all.

Why should I engage your help?
I'm knowledgeable, resourceful, honest & reliable.