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Possums can become a serious problem as these creatures can quickly adapt to changing environments and surroundings. We specialise in possum removal in Mt. Waverley and always ensure that removal is conducted in the most humane manner possible. Of course, we also offer an unconditional 12 month warranty along with a 30 day credit option meaning that there are no upfront fees.

When it comes to possum removal in Mt. Waverley we are the team that you should trust. We can offer you all the advice that you require. We will also offer a fast and efficient service with an experienced member of our team with you as soon as possible. In addition to possum removal in Mt. Waverley, we can also possum proof your property to ensure that the possums don’t return.

If you have experienced a possum outbreak in your home, there is a good chance that you will require your roof cavity, loft, or other area of your property to receive a professional clean. The removal of possums is strictly controlled in Australia and must be carried out by an experienced professional. It should also be noted that possum removal in Mt. Waverley can only be conducted in residential or commercial properties. It is illegal to remove possums from trees surrounding your property or other outdoor areas.

If you do have possums in the surrounding area and you want to protect their welfare, we do offer a selection of possum nesting boxes. Possum boxes do attract possums to live in your yard but it is important to stress that no native animals, including possums, can be kept as pets. The use of rat poison for possum removal in Mt. Waverly is incredibly cruel as well as potentially causing significant damage to your own property. Obviously, these creatures will cause an unpleasant odour upon death which should be considered. Humane removal is ALWAYS the best approach.

If you would like more information on possum removal in Mt. Waverley or indeed, Glen Iris, Brighton, Caulfield or Camberwell, we like to invite you to call us on 0413 800 268, email on or alternatively, you can [contact us] via our website. We look forward to receiving your call an eliminating your possum problem, just as we have been doing since 1985.

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