Fixed price, honest warranty (no terms or conditions)

All rooftop possum holes are blocked externally so you don’t have to be home

My unique effective one way doors are installed to let them out (but won’t let them back in) as featured on ABC1 TV documentary ‘Possum Wars’. One-way doors designed by other possum removal businesses neglect a critical element that ensures possums regularly recognise the device as a way to exit the roof.

My system remains the original and the best!

No Cure – No Fee. “30 Days to pay” (Guarantee)  That way you know it works. No Excuses, No Argument.

Unconditional 12 Month Warranty on possum proofing the whole of your rooftop, no excuses.

There is no trade qualification available to perform possum work, so be AWARE of claims of expertise or knowledge, backed by manufactured client reviews and demands of payments in advance.

Paul Nolch B.Agr.Sc.
Wildlife Lic. CC1019420
Pest Control Reg. A000154
Pest Control Lic. 001040

You are the reason I remain in business, So I’ll never lose sight of that.

With my genuine passion to meet your expectations, you will find me obliging and reliable.


Feel free to request an on-site quote or send me a photo of your home.

Paul The Possum Catcher specialises in possum removal in Melbourne. Of course, possum control in Melbourne is equally as important and this includes, where possible, prevention. Having a possum in your roof in Melbourne can cause significant problems so this is something that you want to prevent in the first place. We do everything we can when it comes to possum proofing in Melbourne!

How to Get Rid Of Possums in Melbourne

The first thing that needs to be done when it comes to possum removal in Melbourne is ensure that all rooftop possum holes are blocked – this is not something that you need to be present for. We use a tried and tested unique which includes installing a one way door to let them out (but won’t let them back in) as featured on ABC1 TV documentary ‘Possum Wars’. One-way doors designed by other possum removal businesses neglect a critical element that ensures possums regularly recognise the device as a way to exit the roof.


What we offer:

30 Days to pay, no upfront payment required, that way you know it works and no call out Fees

Unconditional 12 Month Warranty on possum proofing the whole of your rooftop, no excuses. Some warranties offered by other possum removal businesses may not be what you think.

  • Some are ‘Limited Warranties’, capped at a maximum of 3 service visits to your home
  • Some exclude new entry points created by possums after completion of the initial work
  • Some may not be honoured, based upon their appraisal of the condition of your roof
  • Some may be cancelled due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ or because they do not consider their warranty to be a legal document

Why choose us?

We are a completely client focused company and we always recognise that our clients are the reason that we remain in business. When it comes to possum pest control in Melbourne, we never lose sight of the job that is required and what your expectations are. We are passionate about our work and as such, we will not only meet your expectations but surpass them. Our service is always fast, reliable and obliging as you can see from the many testimonials from satisfied customers.

Possum Removal Costs in Melbourne

You will find that are prices are very reasonable and that our quotes are completely transparent. For the average unit you can expect to pay in the region of $385 GST included. An average single/double/multi-level home – $485 GST incl. Please feel free to get in touch and request an onsite quote or send photos of your home.

While we appreciate that many people view possums as being “cute”, these are very rarely people who have ever experienced one in their home! First and foremost, our role is to offer possum proofing Melbourne to stop these creatures from entering your property. However, more often than not, we are only called upon once a problem exists when possum removal in Melbourne becomes our priority. Of course, we can then devise a strategy for possum control in Melbourne. You will find our possum removal cost in Melbourne extremely competitive.

Possum pest control in Melbourne must be carried out by a professional, and indeed, there are regulations in place to ensure that all possum catcher in Melbourne act in a humane manner. While helpful friends may offer solutions, they are often inappropriate and could find you in hot water with the authorities without solving your problem. As you can see on our website, we hold all the necessary licenses and have various packages to suit your needs.

Our possum removal in Melbourne service is suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. We offer a prompt and reliable service to resolve your problem, therefore, keeping the damage these pests cause to a minimum. We will also offer you tips about how you can detect a possum problem early and what you can do to deter these creatures from visiting your property in the future. Our team of professionals have several years of experience and will be happy to answer questions you may have and provide friendly advice.

If you require possum removal in Melbourne or the services of a possum catcher in Melbourne then Paul The Possum Catcher is this person that you need! You can free call us on 1800 502 445 or alternatively, you can contact us via our website. We look forward to hearing from you and being of greater assistance.

Possums are generally a tree living marsupial, that due to their environmental significance and status as a specimen on native Australian wildlife are a protected species, but with an ironic twist are also considered to be a pest, especially where their natural habitat has been compromised by the building of homes. In these circumstances it is not at all uncommon for possum to make their homes in the roof spaces of houses, where they can cause damage and inconvenience.

Possum control in Melbourne is limited to licenced individuals, and Paul the Possum Catcher is the foremost exponent, having rightfully gained a reputation as providing the most effective possum removal service in Hawthorn and across Melbourne. His ingenious and fail proof system of possum pest control in Melbourne involves completely possum proofing your Melbourne home, so that once they have vacated your roof space at night, as they leave to hunt for food, they are unable to gain re entry and will find a new place to live.

With no official accreditation in the world of the possum catcher in Melbourne, Paul the Possum Catcher relies not only on his reputation but exceedingly good customer service too. With no payment required until 30 days after he has worked his magic on your property – and you are sure that the possums have been moved on, you are guaranteed the right result.

Contact Paul today to enquire about his services and find out the very affordable possum removal cost in Melbourne and outlying areas.

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