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Possums are creatures that are commonly found in homes, gardens, businesses and yards across Australia. These creatures have established a reputation for being extremely adaptable and can adjust to suit their environment. This ability to adapt means that they can cause problems in properties across Australia so when it comes to possum removal in Glen Iris, we can help! All removals are conducted in a humane and safe manner. Paul the Possum Catcher offers a 12 month guarantee on possum removal in Glen Iris with payment options available.

You will find that our team members are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient which makes us the obvious choice when it comes to possum removal in Glen Iris. A further service that we offer is to possum proof your property after an infestation to ensure that the creatures don’t return.

Possums must be removed by a professional and licensed operator and is something that is extremely tightly controlled. Here at Paul the Possum Catcher, we have been in business for nearly 35 years and have all the necessary skills, experience and licenses to conduct this type of operation. We are the natural choice when it comes to possum removal in Glen Iris. We always need to stress that possum removal in Glen Iris can only be performed in residential or commercial properties. It is illegal to remove possums from trees surrounding your property or other outdoor areas.

We have a selection of nesting boxes if you are keen to encourage these animals to live in the areas surrounding your property. However, it illegal to keep any native animals as pets which naturally includes possums. The use of rat poison to remove possums is something that is cruel and causes greater suffering for the possum. It can also lead to damage of your property as well as leaving an extremely unpleasant odour when the animals die. Humane removal is ALWAYS the best approach.

If you require more information regarding possum removal in Glen Iris or indeed, Camberwell, Brighton, Caulfield or Mt. Waverley, we like to invite you to call us on 0413 800 268, email on or alternatively, you can [contact us] via our website. We look forward to receiving your call an eliminating your possum problem, just as we have been doing since 1985.


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